"Ms. Flakes provides meaningful professional development that was a tightly woven tapestry of relevant and engaging content, pedagogy is not isolated from content; and provided effective coaching to provide schools supportive follow-up. "

− Arkansas Public Schools


"Savanna’s motivation and enthusiasm inspires all of us to succeed. " − Teacher, DCPS


"Our team was dealing with a lot of change and conflict, Savanna was able to support us in identifying our strengths and best ways to work well with our colleagues and transformation. We left feeling unified." - Paul, LICE


"Ms. Flakes is highly engaging, she provides researched based strategies that my staff can use tomorrow to impact our students’ success. All of the evaluations I received were positive. If you say “Ms. Flakes is presenting,” all of my teachers are eager to attend & learn. "

− Mr Sutton, Principal ACPS


"The staff and students loved Ms. Flakes. Teachers responded favorably to her coaching style and instantly implemented her shared strategies and found success with our students. "

− Voncille Brazil - Gifted Instructional Specialist, Akron City Public Schools


"I respected your expertise in teaching students with disabilities; therefore, I did everything that you suggested and it made my lesson very successful. For that, I thank you! "

− Teacher, ACPS


"The instructional activities, materials, and practical strategies are so empowering; I am excited and ready to use the strategies tomorrow."

-Instructional Coach


"Your services were professional and personal. Useful handouts and strategies I can use tomorrow. "

− Virginia Transition Forum Committee